Artesano Stitch

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Our Delicate Art

Is never Replicated

The ‘Artesano Stitch’ is a strong design statement created by linking the sole to the upper with double-needle threading. The technique uses a waxed thread to close the seam securely by hand along the edge of the sole's 'wing'. Each pairing of Artesano type with shoe style is meticulously considered. The resulting aesthetic complements the design's form while delivering a look that is iconic to Magnanni and never replicated.

The art form highlights another collaboration between brothers, Luis and Miguel Blanco. This is our DNA.

Types of Artesano

Marea Baja

The Marea Baja Artesano has a symmetrical, fairing curve that rises into the upper, with the arc approaching forty-five degrees.

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Marea Alta

A Marea Alta Artesano maintains a sweeping curve through the upper and is designated by a more dramatic curvature and higher swell.

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The Montaña Artesano sole has a symmetrical stitch design rising into the upper at a near ninety degree angle which peaks at the center of the extension.

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A Meseta Artesano connects the extension to the upper with a defined straight stitch that remains parallel to the sole.

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A Study in Shoemaking

For Three Generations

The Artesano hand-stitched sole has remained an icon of quality, style, and technique for Magnanni. Formed though our family's study of artisan shoemaking from around the world, our designs have been photographed on the many streets of fashion weeks, red carpet premieres lined with flashing bulbs, and included in many memorable moments of countless magical elopements. The Artesano stitch has remained a distinct look seldom seen in footwear.

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