Signature Artesano

The Artesano hand-stitched sole has remained an icon of quality, style, and technique for the Magnanni family. The delicate art involves sewing of the shoe upper, sole, and sock lining together with double-needle stitching to create a look rarely seen in modern fashion footwear. Our craftsman apprentice for years to earn the title of Artesano and join the small team capable of stitching these meticulously finished shoes.

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Form of the Artesano

Each Artesano is recognized by the form and shape of the final stitch design. The Marea Baja Artesano has a symmetrical, fairing curve that rises into the upper, with the arc approaching forty-five degrees. A Marea Alta Artesano, similar to a Marea Baja, maintains a similar sweeping curve through the upper, however, Marea Alta is designated by a more dramatic curvature and higher swell. The Montaña Artesano sole extension has a symmetrical stitch design into the upper at a near ninety degree angle that peaks at the center. A Meseta Artesano has a defined, straight stitch that remains near parallel to the sole while connecting the extension to the upper.

Marea Alta
Marea Baja

The approach to an Artesano selection begins at design with a pattern that enhances the integrity of the shoe’s construction and echoes the lines of the style. The result is a recognizable, fashion-forward look on a traditional silhouette; visually elevating the Artesano.