The Deliberation of Craft
Spring Summer Eighteen

I found myself thinking about the conversation I had earlier with my father. Whenever we met, he would tell me stories about life. One of his favorite topics concerned art. What it meant—and what it really was. He said that it is a question of doing things—anything—in an extraordinary way.

I remember the sound of his voice, talking about craftsmanship. How it is the traditional foundation of any art—a commitment to excellence—using quality material and applying imaginative design to produce something innovative. The essential value of art is simplicity, he would say.

A cultured and contemporary spirit, the artist’s handcrafted works are an expression of his style and taste. Great products are timeless because their value is universal, appreciated from generation to generation. It is that virtue which provides art with its power above and beyond reproach.

“The world is an artwork, deliberately and intelligently created.”
— Lennart Svensson

All artisans deliberate upon their craft, creating an essence of balance and beauty convincing to the smallest detail. Every man has a story to tell, and is called to give form to the work of his hands. Every man is called to be an artist.

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