Lace Ups
The men's lace up dress shoe is a gentleman's essential. Created in a fashionable array, traditional design is fused with contemporary style. Each pair is handcrafted at our factory which has been family owned and operated for three generations.

Lace Ups

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  1. Side view of the Magnanni Jethro Cuero Men's Oxford Shoes
    Jethro Cuero
    As low as $ 435
  2. Side view of the Magnanni Ledger Curri Men's Oxford Shoes
    Ledger Curri
    As low as $ 375
  3. Side view of the Magnanni Leyton Black Men's Oxford Shoes
    Leyton Black
    As low as $ 375
  4. Leyton | Cognac
    Leyton Cognac
    As low as $ 375
  5. Side view of the Magnanni Renaldo Tabaco Men's Comfort Dress Shoes
    Renaldo Tabaco
    As low as $ 350
  6. Cuero hand painted calfskin oxford with medallion toes shoes - Magnanni
    Prescott Cuero
    As low as $ 350
  7. Romelo | Black
    Romelo Black
    As low as $ 350
  8. Romelo | Cognac
    Romelo Cognac
    As low as $ 350
  9. Side view of the Magnanni Franklin Cognac Men's Oxford Shoes
    Franklin Cognac
    As low as $ 395
  10. Side view of the Magnanni Hamilton Cuero Men's Oxford Shoes
    Hamilton Cuero
    As low as $ 395
  11. Jefferson | Black
    Jefferson Black
    As low as $ 395
  12. Side view of the Magnanni Jefferson Brown Men's Oxford Shoes
    Jefferson Brown
    As low as $ 395
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