Streetlamp's cast a vivid glare onto the glossy jet black limousines and town cars as they creep to the entrance of the dignified stone building. The gray stoic structure safeguards an extensive private collection of fine artwork from around the world. Distinguished guests adjust their finely tailored suits and dresses as they congregate into the grand foyer. Indistinct conversations and laughter fill the room as old friends reunite and others make new acquaintances. Inhibitions fade away as choice spirits are served with eager abandon.

In the midst of the delightful bustle, a gentleman notices the young woman discreetly struggling with the train of her gown which has caught the leg of a table. He quickly frees her from the imminent social fright to which she offers her profound gratitude. The kind act leads to an exchange of smiles and pleasantries. It becomes natural to partner for the rest of the evening as they evade from the noise of the crowd. Creating their own excitement they swipe a bottle of champagne and move to a vacant floor. Intricate paintings adorn the silent rooms and hallways as the explore their newly claimed space. They exude a calm confidence as if they have hijacked the gala for their own desires.

“Art is a combination of experience, danger, and style. What counts first and last in art is quality, all other things are secondary.”

— Clement Greenberg