Single Buckle Shoes by Magnanni

Mani | Tabaco & Grey

Mani unites Spanish heritage and design with the attitude of early-American fashion. The dark dual-tone patina is reminiscent of the self-made men of the 20th century. Precisely folded leather on the vamp and sides create a natural transition from tabaco to grey. A single slingback buckle builds a smooth silhouette free of laces and eyelets. As a final touch, mirrored medallions on the toe and heel contribute a fresh look to a classic detail.

In Generations, we look back to the men who impressed upon the notion of an epoch. Through war, industrialists, gangsters, and prohibitionists, the early 1900s were marked by the struggle to harness an ever-widening moral grey area. Some see them as heroes and titans; others view them as criminals and robber barons. How will you imprint your era?

Single Buckle Shoes by Magnanni
Hand painted dual-tone calfskin single buckle shoes by Magnanni

Product Details

• Hand painted dual-tone calfskin slingback with medallion toe and perforated crown detail on heel

• Leather lined Bologna construction offers an all leather cushioned footbed and unrivaled flexibility

• Double leather master sole with curved laser detail and contrasting color

• Patina: Wind Tabaco / Wind Grey

• Style: 19117

• Complimentary shipping within the US

• Handmade in Spain

Style Cues: A neutral slingback offers a sleek alternative to your regular double monks. Precisely folded leather on the vamp and side provides for a smooth transition from tabaco to grey. Created on a new last for a wonderfully balanced shape and fit. Best paired with light grey and cream suits for an iconic ensemble.