La Viuda Negra | A Great Weight of Reason

A curious letter sealed with an ornate ’S’. How does a man rekindle a childhood friend; a companion… a lover?

The instructions were as precise as her uncanny penmanship; a depiction of plans to rival Da Vinci. I eagerly built her request, though my desire reveled in the thought of watching the sun set once more with her.

Leaving my passions behind, I pursue her once more across a coarse, flat expanse. The wind blew against my skin with every frigid breath as I pushed on towards “the vacant shores where we first met”.

The fabric of her dress danced gracefully as the pictures in my mind became her presence before me. Her elegant beauty cut like a poem through the dramatic landscape. Had she been waiting for me this entire time? I remember her as if it were yesterday…

Late October brought a shiver to my spine. Though I had the urge to stay longer, a darkness took hold. I felt the weight of earth pressed against my body as the sound of her footsteps above me grew more distant.

introducing the Zamora