The process of selecting the perfect pair of gentlemen’s shoes can be intimidating, but worry not, we have you covered with the ideal products to accompany every man in your life. From everyday carries to at home indulgences, here are the selections for the season.

  1. Slippers

    Around the house

    Introducing Magnanni House Slippers — designed for a comfortable lounging experience.

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  2. Shoe Care

    Nourish. Enrich. Protect.

    A proper shine is a key component of leather shoe conservation. Clean, nourish, and protect your recipient’s shoes with Magnanni shoe care products.

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  3. Bags

    His Everyday Carry

    Our collection of everyday carries deliver both utility and fashion with their sleek design and hand-painted finishing — the ideal choice for the gentleman on-the-go.

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  4. Sport | Red
    Sport Red
    $ 995
  5. Wallets and Portfolios

    Essential Leather Goods

    Crafted from our calfskin leather and finished with our signature hand-painted patinas, our collection of wallets and tablet carries make an accessory statement while providing function.

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  6. Socks

    A unique expression

    The ideal choice to accompany a pair of Magnanni shoes, our superfine gauge socks are hand-woven with lightweight Sea Island cotton in the Nara region of Japan.

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  7. Gift Cards

    Gifting Simplified

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    Magnanni gift cards are now available in denominations of $100, $250, and $500.