The Magnanni Brooklyn Canela, a light brown high-top sneaker


On October 23rd, Dwayne Johnson unleashed a photo of his custom sneakers we hand made for his private collection. As with everything Dwayne does, the post quickly caught fire receiving 1M+ likes and 4k+ comments in 10 hours. Due to the huge outpouring of requests, we are releasing a limited edition batch of the Brooklyn sneaker custom made for Dwayne to the public.

A close-up of the Magnanni Brooklyn zipper

Magnanni has been collaborating with Dwayne Johnson’s stylist for a while by outfitting the footwear for Spencer Strasmore’s lavish wardrobe on HBO’s Ballers. At the same time, we have been supplementing Johnson’s private collection with stacks of custom sneakers.

A pair of Magnanni Brooklyn Canela high-top sneakers