Our premium beeswax polish conditions and restores shine while offering a layer of protection from water and durst, so your shoes always look their best.



  1. Essential Shoe Care Kit | Neutral
    Essential Shoe Care Kit Neutral
    As low as $ 120
  2. Jar of Magnanni Wax Neutral Shoe Care Products
    Wax Neutral
    As low as $ 18
  3. Wax | Black
    Wax Black
    As low as $ 18
  4. Wax | Brown
    Wax Brown
    As low as $ 18
  5. Jar of Magnanni Wax Cognac / Cuero Shoe Care Products
    Wax Cognac / Cuero
    As low as $ 18
  6. Discover Shoe Care

    A proper shine is a key component of dress shoe conservation. Carefully maintaining quality leather footwear helps retain a new appearance as well as extend lifespan.

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