When a gentleman wants to look his best, he gives proper attention to every detail. Our belt and sock collections are curated to suit both formal and casual attire perfectly.


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  1. Magnanni Viento Ocean Men's Belt
    Viento Ocean
    As low as $ 150
  2. Magnanni Viento Royal Men's Belt
    Viento Royal
    As low as $ 150
  3. Magnanni Telante Navy Suede Men's Suede Belt
    Telante Navy Suede
    As low as $ 150
  4. Magnanni Dali Navy Men's Belt
    Dali Navy
    As low as $ 135
  5. Vega | Royal
    Vega Royal
    As low as $ 175
  6. Magnanni Tanner Navy Men's Belt
    Tanner Navy
    As low as $ 150
  7. Magnanni Cervantes Navy Men's Suspenders
    Cervantes Navy
    As low as $ 98
  8. Magnanni Hugo Navy and Blue Men's Suspenders
    Hugo Navy and Blue
    As low as $ 98
  9. Magnanni Hugo Navy and Pink Men's Suspenders
    Hugo Navy and Pink
    As low as $ 98
  10. Magnanni Lewis Navy and Green Men's Suspenders
    Lewis Navy and Green
    As low as $ 98
  11. Magnanni Lewis Navy and Taupe Men's Suspenders
    Lewis Navy and Taupe
    As low as $ 98
  12. Magnanni Lincoln Navy Men's Suspenders
    Lincoln Navy
    As low as $ 98
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