Attention to detail is of primary importance when crafting men's luxury accessories and when coordinating a fine designer wardrobe. Our belt and sock collections are curated to suit a gentleman's formal and casual attire perfectly.


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  1. Heston | Cognac
    Heston Cognac
    As low as $ 199
  2. Hughes | Midbrown
    Hughes Midbrown
    As low as $ 199
  3. Magnanni Nadal Beige Men's Belt
    Nadal Beige
    As low as $ 98
  4. Magnanni Nadal Grey Men's Belt
    Nadal Grey
    As low as $ 98
  5. Magnanni Nadal Taupe Men's Belt
    Nadal Taupe
    As low as $ 98
  6. White leather belt for men - Magnanni
    Rugo White
    As low as $ 150
  7. Grey leather bag for men - Magnanni
    Sport Grey
    As low as $ 995
  8. Grey leather traveler bag for men - Magnanni
    Traveler Grey
    As low as $ 1,695
  9. Magnanni Casual Dress Sock Beige Men's Casual Socks
    Casual Dress Sock Beige
    As low as $ 19.99
  10. Magnanni Casual Dress Sock Pale Rust Men's Casual Socks
    Casual Dress Sock Pale Rust
    As low as $ 19.99
  11. Magnanni Casual Dress Sock Shark Men's Casual Socks
    Casual Dress Sock Shark
    As low as $ 19.99
  12. Magnanni Casual Dress Sock Wine Men's Casual Socks
    Casual Dress Sock Wine
    As low as $ 19.99
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