65 years. 65 pairs. coming soon

65 Years of Shoemaking

To commemorate our 65th year of shoemaking, we will be offering a limited edition design that embodies the heritage and family at our core.

In 1954...

The chiseled toe box of our original three-eyelet derby was finished in a smooth black colorway; a pairing that become a modern statement for gentlemen’s dress shoes.

The Beginning

Originally named Blangar, the company transitioned into the hands of Pascual Blanco Martinez who coined the name Magnanni. Pascual envisioned a new and contemporary design inspired by his love for the ‘Golden Era’ of Hollywood cinema.

In 2019...

The third generation of Magnanni invites you to celebrate with us for the 65th Anniversary. Led by the vision of Luis Blanco and finished with a new patina from Miguel Blanco. This family collaboration has developed the perfect homage to their father’s timeless design. Introducing SIXTY FIVE BLACK.