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Smith's Mill Rd N
New Albany, OH, 43054



Family owned & operated since 1954. Handmade in Spain.


SHOE CARE - Take care of your Magnanni shoes with our shoe care collection. Find everything you need to look after your shoes: shoe trees, brushes, cream…

Shoe Cream - All Colors

Magnanni Shoe Care: shoe cream
Magnanni Shoe Care: shoe cream

Shoe Cream - All Colors


Shoe cream conditions leather and helps restore color.

Jar size 1.6oz / 45g

Made in the US

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  1. Brush the shoe with a soft bristle brush, or non-abrasive cloth to remove dirt. 

  2. Apply a small amount of cream to a sponge or soft cloth and brush the shoe in broad, quick strokes.

  3. Let it dry, and a slight haze will develop, this is normal. Once it is dry brush the shoe with a few quick strokes just until the haze has been removed .

  4. To help protect from moisture and dirt you can add shoe wax after applying shoe cream

*If you are unable to find a cream to match your shoe color, have multi-colored shoes or want a cream to use on multiple shoes, then we recommend the neutral color option. This is also the best option for shoes with complex antiqued patterns as it will not impact the original hand finished design.