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Smith's Mill Rd N
New Albany, OH, 43054



Family owned & operated since 1954. Handmade in Spain.


SHOE CARE - Take care of your Magnanni shoes with our shoe care collection. Find everything you need to look after your shoes: shoe trees, brushes, cream…

Poplar Shoe Trees

Magnanni Shoe Care: Poplar Shoe Trees
Magnanni Shoe Care: Poplar Shoe Trees

Poplar Shoe Trees



Proper fitting shoe trees are perhaps the most important part of your shoe care regimen. When used consistently they help shoes maintain their original shape, reduce wrinkles, and remove moisture to keep them fresh and prevent deterioration. Magnanni shoe trees are made from Italian Poplar wood for its strong, lightweight, and highly absorbent characteristics.

Size Chart:

  • Small: 6.5 - 7.5 US
  • Medium: 8 - 9.5 US
  • Large: 10 - 11.5 US
  • X-Large: 12 - 15 US


  • Made in Italy
  • Metal Magnanni plaque
  • Metal spring loaded rods in the mid-foot and toe for a full fit
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